Sand- Symphonien
Malen mit Sand
Sand symphonies
Painting with Sand
Symphonies de sable
Peintures aux sable

Sand paintings and Sand Art

Peter Felix Denzler

The sand grain - a tiny fraction of our planet Earth, a minute particle of a mountain or of an animal’s carcasse - crushed and rushed about for centuries before coming to rest…

The sand grain - reveals to the beholder all the riches mother nature offers - coloured by metals, crafted by pressure and heat, and fusions of acids and alcalines; carried by water and winds, this gem comes to rest in the many places where its magnificence and splendour can be admired.

The mystery of the essence of the sand grain, combined with my thoughts finds rest in my art. An attempt to harmoniously connect my inner world with the outer world…

Peter Felix Denzler

Recent Sand Paintings